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It takes a village to raise a child

Many of you will recall the appeal for Ryan Andrade and his cerebral palsy summer camp. Thank you to all the donors whose generosity has allowed Ryan make progress. With your support we were able to collect close to $8k for Ryan's continued therapy.

Update from his mother Rochelle:

I'm very pleased with the camp's outcome. This was the third year Ryan attended the conductive ed camp, and he has made great strides.

His spasticity has decreased. He is able to roll with ease. He wants to hold his toothbrush and brush his teeth. His grasp duration has drastically improved. The most noticeable difference is in his trunk control. Another pleasant surprise was Ryan's vocalization. He started to vocalize and display his intelligence.

I attended two whole days of camp with him and it was great. I wanted to learn the exercises and structure so I can keep up with the method.

Again a very big thanks to all the donors and for all their love and support in sending Ryan to this camp.

Rochelle Andrade

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